Wednesday, 16 April 2003

really need to think before I write anything on MSN. Was chatting with Gail when she suddenly logged off. Conversation that followed when she logged in again:

Mel: you didn't leave me!
Gail: cos not. whyever would u feel this way...
Mel: *recalls memories of abandonment*
Gail: which do not exist
Mel: coz when I was 2 my family brought me to mirkwood and left me there....HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA...and i've been happy with legolas eversince
Gail: ur teddy bear would rather have his stuffings torn out then sleep with u?
Mel: OI! i don't have a teddy bear coz i sleep with legolas
Gail: eeeeeeeeeeeee
Mel: oooh that didn't come out right
Gail: ya
Gail: hahahhahaha
Gail: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mel: shaddup
Gail: elf slut

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