Wednesday, 16 February 2005

can a girl feel anymore loved?

Letrica dropped a huge parcel on my desk this morning.

And it was filled with such wonderful goodies from home!

There were lollies, stationery holders and peg-like clippy things but the two things that very nearly brought tears to my eyes came in the form of:

1. a gorgeous white Polo-T

It wasn't the top that touched me. It was what was printed on it - the prayer of Jabez and my name, and with it, a certain indication that I have been accepted into the youth group Jabez that I never even thought I would belong.

2. handmade pineapple tarts

Do I even need to go into details as to why it touched me? They were handmade for crying out loud!

I have been truly blessed with incredible people in my lives. Incredible people who show that they care and love despite the distance. Incredible people who accept me even when they didn't need to.

Faith, Jimmy, Lionel, Christon and Brian...thank you for touching my life.

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