Thursday, 16 March 2006

Oh dear, My Heritage has just revealed something rather disturbing using their celebrity face recognition software.

My Heritage Pic 1

It's not the fact that they've decided that I look like someone of the opposite gender that disturbs me. I mean, computers are stupid after all right?

Unfortunately, I think I actually do look like that unknown Korean actor. So am I the one with the masculine features, or is he the one with the feminine ones?

My Heritage Pic 2

At least the second try revealed a female celebrity of sorts...who she is I do not know, but at least she's female!

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Mansfield said...

Well, at least it proves computer face matching is still pretty hopeless.

Privacy advocates can rest one more day :)

perpetualstudent said...

I wouldn't worry about it to much, they make use of a pretty naive classifier. I am guessing that they are relying purely on Cross-Correlation. However its very sensitive to head orientation. There are more sophisticated algorithms, most of them still require a human operator (manually mark end of eye, nose, mouth, etc.) Unfortunately, it is not a field that I have been able to keep up with, although I have taken classes that cover some of the algorithms.

Maya said...

He looks bapok!!!!! Bapok, bapok, bapok!!!!

nurul said...

Erm, erm, erm *thinking of something smart to say* No comments.

kris said...

don't really see the similarity between you and either of them...sorry.

serendipity said...

hey thanks for dropping by and giving me encouragements!!

i guess i will enjoy my life down under. in any case i need ur help, i will announce BIG BIG to you!!! Thanks!

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