Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Took off after work on Friday afternoon towards Cooma, Daniel's hometown, with four other friends for a weekend of snow adventures.

I had previously seen snow before, but had never really had much experience with it besides having it chucked at me, building a snowman, and touching it going "oooh, it's soft and cold..." Was therefore quite naturally really excited about going to Perisher Blue, a ski resort about 1.5 hours away from Cooma, where I was hoping to get some snowboarding action.

It was so much fun!

Took a two hour beginner lesson that saw me landing on my bum several times, but by the end of it, I more or less knew how to control the board and managed to get down a slope somewhat in a normal manner without too many accidents (that included crashing into people).

It was the weirdest sensation, having both your feet strapped into the board knowing that if you fall, the only way to do it without inflicting much pain upon yourself was to do it bum first. There was no putting one foot forward to break one's fall - it was literally all or nothing.

Had a really good time though. Especially once I got the hang of things and could actually kind of steer the board towards the direction I wanted to go. Unfortunately, am still too much of a chicken and start to panic whenever I felt I was going too fast and would simply force myself to come to a stop the only way I knew how - on my bum.

Was pretty much worn out by the end of the lesson and am actually still feeling a little sore in my arms and thighs from the amazing workout I got. Naturally, my bum is one big gigantic bruise at the moment, but I would do it all over again.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, snowboarding is great fun!

Flickr pictures from the trip.

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Kel said...

me jealous
me love snow!
no snow in Victoria :(

Melody said...

there can't possibly be no snow in Victoria! Isn't that where the sun goes to freeze? ;)

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