Monday, 25 September 2006

Della tagged me a few days ago with this meme and although it technically isn't lunchtime right now, it's a good excuse to take a break from work.

1. What do you like most about where you live?

Technically a suburb of Sydney, it doesn't have the crowdedness and pollution of the city. It's a leafy, hilly area with beautiful glimpses of the Sydney skyline at right spots. It's busy, but not hectic, the nearest shopping mall is only a 15 minutes drive away and the city of Sydney less than an hour by train. Oh, and having a commute that consists of a three minute walk to work isn't bad either.

2. Is there anything strange about where you live?

It's somewhat like the Seventh-day Adventist version of the Vactican City. I'm sure at least 50% of the houses along the main street are owned by the church and are inhabited by either workers of the Adventist Church regional headquarters and the Sydney Adventist Hospital (which is right opposite my flat) or Adventists who work elsewhere. There are also two Seventh-day Adventist churches right next to each other just across the street from where I live.

3. What's one of your all-time favourite music albums, and why?

Hymns by 4Him. Meaningful hymns jazzed up and spiced up into a more contemporary feel, making it relevant to the tastes of today. Need I say more?

4. Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now? (If not - what is one of your passions now?)

Has to be writing, although it was more of a hobby and a great way to do well in English exams when I was young. Now, I practically do it for a living.

5. What do you like most about having a blog?

Being able to connect with people I normally would not have been able to through my thoughts and writings.

Pick 3 (or more) people and give them the opportunity to be famous in their own lunchtimes! :)

Maya, Ida and Sharona

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