Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Greenfleet is an absolutely brilliant organisation that should exist everywhere in the world. Not only that, every single soul on earth should know about them.

What they basically do is plant trees on your behalf to sustain the amount of harmful emissions you produce from driving a car, taking a flight, or simply living.

The burden of being unenvironmentally friendly simply for my own inconvenience has always weighed heavily on my mind. And yet, in all honesty, I really cannot see how I can go about without a car, or travel without using a plane. I don't get seasick, but I really don't think I could handle spending months on sea.

I try to do my part in saving the environment as best as I can, and yet I'm fully aware that I'm doing far from enough.

So it's good to know that there are organisations out there who will plant trees that will cancel out the damage I'm doing to the environment. And not just that, trees are being planted where they can be most effective.

I for one am really glad that I can in some way do my part to save the environment, and in a tax deductible manner at that!

Word has to get out and people really do need to get on board! Start doing your part now before it all becomes too late!

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