Saturday, 10 February 2007

Finally made to to Invercargill, home of the World's Fastest Indian, as close as you can get to the Antarctic, and where the sun sets at 9pm.

It was a bit of a shock to the system to land in Invercargill. I had just come from Auckland where it was bright and sunny and at least 30 degrees.

Stepping out of the airport, I felt all the hair on my arms stand up as I suddenly entered a winter atmosphere and all of 14 degrees.

Thank goodness I've got a nice warm fluffy jacket with me.

It all starts tomorrow. About 28 days of living in the pockets of 12 other people. This is going to be interesting.

Day in and day outs of phoning the media, updating the website, arranging media interviews, writing news articles for the website, taking photos, being a pseudo-camera person...

Radio interviews have already happened, so has a few interviews with the local paper. Just hope the positive media coverage continues, and even grows.

And let's hope I don't lose my sanity before then.

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1 comment:

kris said...

what sanity? ;)

love ya and praying for you!

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