Monday, 11 May 2009

Some things I am unable to understand

Not written by me, but voices questions I've always asked like:

1. I don’t understand why mean, destructive people get into positions where they manage others. And how they stay there, and even get promoted.

2. I don’t get why churches will tear themselves apart, destroying friendships and relationships, over minor matters of belief or practice.

3. I’ve often puzzled why people cling to the details of eschatology, and spend all of their interest and anxiety there, when there are far more immediate things in their lives to deal with.

4. I can’t understand why people won’t let you in when you have to change lanes.

He doesn't give any solutions or explanations, and the only one I can come up with is the fact that unfortunately, we live in a sin-filled world where humans are prone to being terrible to one another.

Somewhat cliche, and probably doesn't give any helpful solution, but perhaps it's a reflective of the life we have ahead of us.

It will always be like that.

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