Sunday, 24 May 2009


It's pretty much only been knitting on the Aussie Adventures front.

Not much reflecting, pondering, or thinking going on.

Winter is near, it's raining, daylight hours are shorter...what else is a girl to do but knit?

These sleeves are made especially for the cooler weather because I still want to wear my summery clothes and yet am not really looking forward to having cold arms.

Made from Malabrigo merino wool it is extremely soft and snug.

D thinks I'm insane to simply be knitting sleeves, but I know he will be extremely envious when I am able to prance around in short sleeve summer clothes and yet be warm.

Pattern here.

Update: The designer likes my version of her pattern!


Kel said...

and of course they are orange ;-)

Faith said...

Is that you in the pics?

HAWT!!! It looks a model!

Melody said...

Kel - of course they're orange. What other colour should they be? Hee hee.

Faith - yes, it's me. and LOL. You're crazy.

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