Sunday, 12 September 2004

isn't it amazing how much people just settle into their comfort zones?

In January, upon arrival in Singapore, I was determined to return to England.

In August, after almost 8 months back home, I suddenly felt an inertia. The thought of leaving on this trip seemed somewhat daunting.

I've been back in England for almost a month now, and once again, I am experiencing a reluctance to leave.

Granted, the main reason has to do with the fact that I really dread saying goodbye to my friends, but I know part of the reason is also because I've gotten comfortable and found somewhat of a routine (which involves alternating nights at different friends' houses, babysitting, fighting for the bathroom with 9 other housemates, eating, sleeping, shopping, some travelling, chatting and doing absolutely nothing).

In 15 minutes, I'll be making my way to the airport for home, and I have to admit the voice inside of me is screaming for me to stay. On the other hand, I want to go home. I miss my room, my own bathroom, my family, my friends. And it never ceases to amaze me, how the precious people I meet constantly welcome me with open arms back into their lives as if nothing has changed.

If only life were less complex. If only I would stop making it worse by leaving a piece of my heart in different parts of the world.

If only Jesus would return soon...

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