Thursday, 27 May 2004

I am enjoying being a Punggolian.

Every morning, I would take a 3 minute walk to the bus-stop, artfully dodging earthworms making the epic journey from one side of the pavement to the other…at the same time walking past an old Indian man decked out in sarong, sneakers and a shirt unbuttoned to show off his hairy chest. The very man who would be brisk walking and killing the very same earthworms I had danced around a few seconds ago…

The cool breeze would be blowing in my face, children would be laughing as they chased each other around the playground, baffling my half-awakened mind as to why they would even be awake at this hour…

Maids would sit around watching their charges while chatting and catching up on the latest gossip. Occasionally I would even spy a group of senior citizens, arms outstretched, legs apart, practicing their tai-chi.

There would be cute little flowers on the grass patch as I approach the bus-stop, and a stray cat would be waiting eagerly for some resident to feed it. And this is not wishful thinking on behalf of the cat. It actually gets fed.

Of course, there is also the part where without fail, I see the bus I was meant to be on zoom past my very eyes because I am standing across the road from the bus-stop I should be.

While waiting for the bus with half-opened eyes, people emerge from the bottom of their flats, milling towards the bus-stop like ants. Quietly, but with firm determination to get to work, we would all squash up the bus towards the train station…as if we were part of George Orwell’s 1984.

At the end of the day, when I arrive home, it is already dark. Suddenly, there are no signs of life anywhere. There is actually peace and quiet in the bustling city of Singapore.

Then I get into my room, switch on my air-conditioner, play some soft mellow music, light a few candles, burn some essential oils and start relaxing in a place with an interior I designed and created…a room where I can escape into another world. A room where I can feed my soul. A room with a “beachfront” view or of Mordor, depending on where you look…

Moving has been a good decision, despite all the pain and hard work we had to go through to make it come true…

Friday, 14 May 2004

drumroll please....i am alive.

i have moved house.

i am still at the bank.

i have been extremely busy.

i am still single.

i have not had much internet access (you wouldn't have guessed would you?)

i am still going to Germany/England in August (collecting the ticket tomorrow!).

and i had a rather interesting phone conversation today:

Me: "Hi, may I speak with Penny please?"
Strange guy on other line: "She's on the line."
Me: "Can I leave a message?"
SGOOL: "Sure."
Me: "Could you let her know that Melody from Citibank called?"
SGOOL: "WAH! Melody?! Your name so stylo!"
Me: "Er...thanks?"
SGOOL: "Wah, steady stylo! How to spell?"
Me: "M-E-L-O-D-Y"
SGOOL: "So cool..."
Me: "..."
SGOOL: "Melody,very nice name ah? Very stylo."
Me: *laughing uneasily* "Anyway, get her to call me back, thanks."
SGOOL: "Ok, bye, stylo-milo."

The world is still insane...
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