Sunday, 29 August 2004

of all the strange places I've slept in, my accommodation this week has gotta be in the top 5.

I'm sharing a queen-size mattress (note: mattress, not bed) with Nat, in a corner of a living room in a typical British house.

The house is shared by 6 people, but at times has more than twice the number of people in it. So we almost constantly have people watching movies, eating, checking their emails in our 'bedroom'.

I have my sleeping bag as a blanket, and next to me is the big glass door that leads to the garden. Just last night, we had a visitor in the form of a frog. As well as a mosquito that kept attempting to live in my ear. It was quite a sight seeing Nat chasing the frog all around the living room trying to catch it.

At my foot is an unused computer that I constantly kick because my legs are too long. On my right, near my head, hiding behind the curtains, are the legs to the ironing table threatening to fall on you.

When you are half asleep and do not have your glasses on. When the light has already been turned down low, you turn to your side and get the heck scared out of you because you imagine that someone has entered the house through the garden door beside you and is standing behind the curtain.

On Nat's side of the bed, near her head, is the ironing board that belongs to the legs of the ironing table. That too, threatens to fall on us.

Anca put it very aptly when she mentioned that we are sleeping in between an ironing board. many people travel 13 hours from Singapore to England to do that? I love the good ole' English life.

Friday, 27 August 2004 be online again. To be updating again. Won't stay long but thought I owe it to my huge fanbase to write a few words on what I have been up to since I left Singapore on the 19th.

Firstly, Cydknee and Edy's wedding in Germany was absolutely beautiful. And mercies of all mercies, I managed to fit into the gorgeous baby blue bridesmaid dress. The bridal party (6 bridesmaids and groomsmen) took photos in front of this castle in Munich, causing quite a stir and tourists were all taking photos of Cyd and Ed because they looked simply stunning together.

Love the community there. From the minute I arrived, I felt totally welcome and everybody practically embraced me into the community. Very warm and friendly folks with ready smiles and open hearts. Then again, these folks are largely Romanians living in Germany...

Was a real international wedding. 23 or so nationalities represented in a reception of 90 guests. Needless to say I was the only one from Singapore there.

The best part of the wedding had to be when we were driving from the church where the vows were said to another church about 10 minutes drive away for the reception. We drove in a convey of 20 over cars and all of them had lavenders and blue ribbons tied to the car antenna. Everybody was tooting their horns as we drove along, waving out the windows to astonished but smiling bystanders...then Cyd and Ed both peeked out from the sunroof and stood there as the car drove, waving and smiling like they were was simply beautiful.

I had such a wonderful time in Germany even though I never ever had enough sleep, having to help with decorations and everything else. The people were great and I had so much fun meeting up with old friends and making new ones. It had been a real fantastic trip.

In England now. Basically slacking and finally recovering from my jet lag. Have to start hunting down old friends and attempt to surprise them, although I doubt it would work coz it would seem that my arrival had been announced several weeks before.

Typical English weather....rainy day today...although would have to leave for town soon to meet up with a friend...

Till later!

Thursday, 12 August 2004

oh to be able to wake up late

oh to be able to choose where you can go and when you want to leave the house

oh to be able to dress what you want, without being dictated by office policy

oh to be able to enjoy lunch without being restricted to 1 hour

oh to be able to go online, chat on msn and check mail without being annoyed by firewalls

oh to be able to do what you want

oh to be able to enjoy the freedom of not working and being stressed by unnecessary matters

oh to be able to let loose the free spirit in you

oh to end up going back to your old workplace the day after your last day because you have to do some filming at the building next to it

one can never escape the clutches of Citibank...

Friday, 6 August 2004

some really cool photos here

never thought one could generate such good pics in Singapore.

*dodges the daggers for making the sweeping, prejudiced statement*

Wednesday, 4 August 2004

cornered like a mouse

"Hi, may I speak with Melody please?"
"Yes, speaking."
"Melody, Kenny here."
Stunned silence, followed by a timid, "oh, hi."
"Hey, you have not SMS me your email address yet."
"Er, yeah, I forgot."
"That busy huh?"
"Yes, that busy. And I don't have your number anymore."
"Why don't you just tell it to me now. I'll write it down."
"Yup. And don't give me your Citibank email."
Wishing for the ground to swallow me whole..."Ok, here it is..."
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