Thursday, 29 November 2007

Initially, I was curious when I chose to read the news story about how a LG mobile phone battery had exploded, killing a man in South Korea.

I grew slightly more concerned when I read that just yesterday, a Nokia phone belonging to a man from New Zealand had also exploded when he was charging it.

The news article went on to mention that Nokia has acknowledged that there are faults in some of their batteries and that they may indeed explode.

I own a Nokia phone. Who knows when it may explode and kill me?

But I was really impressed with the news article because at the very end, there was an actual link that took me to the Nokia battery replacement announcement so that I can find out if my mobile phone battery is actually a murder weapon.

That was when I nearly had a heart attack because my battery model is the same faulty model.

However, after punching a few ID numbers found on the battery, it seems like it was not actually manufactured during the faulty period, so it's supposedly "safe".

I can only hope it's true.

Read the news article here.

Visit the Nokia website if you want to find out if you have a potentially exploding mobile phone battery.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I went to the stadium to see David Beckham yesterday evening in the Sydney FC vs LA Galaxy match.

It was good fun and I'm sure the rain actually stopped simply for the game. It was raining for most of the drive to the stadium and back, but the 90 minutes or so of game time was beautiful.

I could not help but have a bit of a giggle though. It was bizarre. Here are all these Sydney FC fans cheering for their team, but yet, the entire stadium will erupt into cheers when Beckham gets the ball.

How does one support one team and a player from the other team at the same time? Strange stuff. But it seems to work.

It was a fun night out, particularly because of the unbelievable amount of goals.

More photos here.

Friday, 23 November 2007

This just out - you cannot believe everything you read in the newspapers. Oh wait, you already knew that.

But visit the Regret the Error website any way.

Regret the Error is a highly entertaining website that publishes the various mistakes that newspapers around the world have been caught making.

The president of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers, is a man. A graphic on Page A2 Tuesday incorrectly identified him as female.

Correction: Because of a reporting error, a review of the new Boyz II Men album in yesterday’s Sidekick incorrectly said that Four Tops singer Levi Stubbs is deceased. Stubbs, who is alive, no longer tours with the Four Tops
Read more at Regret the Error.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

After working and living in Sydney for almost three years now, I think it may be time for me to consider settling in this country.

I'm thinking of buying a house.

To be more precise, I'm thinking of buying this house.

And in case the website gets taken off by the time you view this, try this instead.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

This recent report I read about how Sesame Street, the Sesame Street that I grew up with, is now deemed unsuitable for young children.

Seems like it's because "Cookie Monster smokes and eats a pipe during 'Monsterpiece Theater.' And other characters may seem too grouchy, depressed, slow, or drugged."

I'm trying to decide what to make out of this report. I cannot help but wonder if we're perhaps "cotton-wooling" children of this generation and wrapping them in bubblewrap.

I grew up with Cookie Monster. Yes, the Cookie Monster who eats far too many cookies. And I liked Grover. Endearing, silly, somewhat slow Grover. I didn't even mind Oscar the Grouch!

And well, at my current state of adulthood, I'm neither obese, stupid nor grouchy. Sure, I feel fat at times, I do some unspeakably silly things at other times and friends tell me I am far too cynical and snarky for my own good. But I do not eat pipes during my spare time, for that matter.

I honestly don't think the Sesame Street characters have had that much of an impact on me, besides helping me understand phonics and spelling!

My values and principles came from my parents, not Elmo.

What have we become that we need to "protect" children from such "horrors"?

Maybe if we actually tried to spend time with children instead of letting television do all the educating?

Friday, 16 November 2007

To all those ebay-ers out there, you will appreciate this.

Link via Kristin.
Craig Stoltz made a very accurate observation about online communities at the moment.
I ... and (I'm guessing here) you -- are beginning to suffer social network circuit overload. It is the '07 version of the '06 RSS feed flameout, the '04 bookmarking debacle, and the '02 e-mail catastrophe...It's getting to the point where I hardly have time for my full-time job...My point is that this is unsustainable, for me and for all of us who by virtue of good intentions have been sucked into the social network vortex. We have become servants of a networks of networks of our own making.
I cannot help but agree with Craig. It's crazy what I've gotten myself into that I no longer have time for, well, a proper life!

I end up trying to keep up with all my online social networks that my relationships with people around me seem to be deteriorating.

Currently, I'm spending a lot of time in Facebook. But even so, there are certain things that I just cannot keep up with (like the various groups that I've joined).

My blog is now getting updated only sporadically and let's not even talk about my RSS feeds. I've got about 500 unread feeds now.

Have I become too sucked in?

Read Craig's full article.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Am I Right?

I believe that spicy curry is one of the tastiest dishes in the world.

I believe that books need to be arranged according to their height on the bookshelf.

I believe that the church should be more tolerant and accepting of homosexuals.

Am I right?

I think I am, but what I’ve just said is going to result in two general kinds of reactions. One of support, and another of disgusted uproar.

There can’t be two rights can there? And if there isn’t, who is right?

I’d like to believe that I’m right. I like to believe that my world view, my opinions and the way I approach certain matters is the right way to do it. After all, it’s worked for me and got me this far hasn’t it?

So when someone disagrees with me, when someone approaches something differently, and most of all, when someone doesn’t subscribe to my values, my opinions, my methods, I get frustrated, annoyed and somewhat disdainful of them.

And may the heavens show mercy on the person who does not understand what I’m saying. How can they be so stupid as to not see my point of view? How can they be so thick and not realise what I’m trying to express?

Haven’t I been just a tad egotistical, measuring everything against how I would think, feel, see, do? Just when did I become the yardstick of everything? Not since I last checked a second ago.

As far as I know, God is still in charge and I’m nothing more than a fallible, sinful human being.

So why am I demanding that everything be done according to my standards?

Maybe it’s time I start realising that we have all been created differently, with different priorities and different opinions. Maybe it's time I start realising that we all process things at a different rate and are guided by different value systems.

Maybe when I do that, I'll start being more tolerant of others.

Am I right?
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