Friday, 30 May 2003

am currently living in darkness. somehow, the electricity to my room has been cut off, so the lights in my room don't work at all, including the one in the loo. Thankfully, my desk lamp works (don't ask why) and so now I have to place the lamp on a chair and move the chair to illuminate whichever part of the room I happen to be in. At least the room is small, and it really could be worse. I could have absolutely NO electricity!

haven't been doing much at all. Trying to get back into the groove of things, but is kind of hard since I only came back on Wednesday, and am going to be leaving again on Monday! Been a little lonely, mainly coz campus is dead now with summer holidays, Nat is off in Norway somewhere leaving me in an empty room, Cydknee's man is in town, and so I'm all by my sad self. Actually, it's not that bad coz I've got quite a lot of catching up to, washing, cleaning, room is in an absolute mess. Which is why I haven't been able to do much updating of my webbies. But come June 9, I should be back in action.

Am completely broke...wonder if Lidija needs her house cleaned and toilets scrubbed this afternoon. Sure hope so...fingers crossed...I NEED $$$$$$$$

Thursday, 29 May 2003 revived now :o) Slept for 12 FULL hours, no wonder. Got off work at about 6pm, pottered around my room, packing's a HUGE mess, and then just went to bed. Didn't get up till 7.30am and am now at work. Feel much better compared to yesterday for sure! And actually have work to do today.

Wednesday, 28 May 2003

i'm back :) from Wales, France AND Sweden. Yup, I've been everywhere over the last 3 weeks. I'm so exhausted right now, no doubt because I spent an absolutely terrifying night at the train station last night coz i missed the last train. Froze my butt off. Not only that, had to end up pretending I didn't understand English in order to prevent strange people from bugging me. Thank goodness for my Asian roots. People immediately assume I don't know English and left me alone. But honestly, was at this almost isolated train station from 1-5am, where the only people around seem really dodgy...I was scared out of my wits.

Did have a great time at Sweden though, and Wales, AND France. Hahaha....will write more later. Haven't slept at all since two nights ago coz there was no way I was gonna fall asleep at the train station. Have no idea what I'm running on right now, but know am getting delirious. Need sleep soon...

Friday, 9 May 2003

I can't believe where I am right now. Sitting in London Gatwick's British Airways lounge for business and first class ticket holders (hence the free internet access). Ah, lifestyles of the rich and famous. Haha. No, I did not meet Prince William on my flight from Singapore to London, or some rich Arab prince during my stopover in Dubai. I only have my dearest great uncle to thank. I can't believe he bought me a business class ticket! Ok ok, backtrack, backtrack. How I ended up here.

Well, College has determined that I needed a 10 day quarantine upon return from Singapore right? And as a result I had to stay with my great aunt and her husband who lives in Wales (with a house in France, on the Spanish border...I realise I lead a hard life. hahahaha). Anyway, the original plan was for me to change my ticket back to the UK when I was in Singapore, so that instead of flying back to London on the 9th, I fly back to Manchester with great aunt on the 8th. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no seats available for flights to Manchester and so I ended up having to fly to London anyway. Great aunt said it was fine, she and great uncle would come pick me up from the airport. Then last night, before I arrived at the Singapore airport, they called from the UK saying that they would rather I fly up to Manchester from London and that my great uncle would arrange everything. All I had to do was go to the BA counter to collect my ticket when I arrive in Gatwick. How would I have guessed he would buy a business class ticket?!?! Therefore, am being treated like a queen now. Only drawback is that I cannot make use of all the free alcohol since I don't drink. Ah well. Free internet. Time to catch up on some long unreplied emails!

Going home was great. To be able to meet old friends, hang out with my feel loved and appreciated all over again. Aunt's wedding was really cool, although I couldn't escape my relatives hounding me with regards to my single status, despite the hair. It only served to distract them for a brief 5 seconds and then the everybody immediately tells me it has to be my turn next. Anyway, even if I do get married, I'm wondering if I'm even wanting to have a ceremony back home. All the relatives and their fussing over what is custom and what isn't...not sure if it's worth it. Although mom has stated rather clearly that I will not be eloping and getting married in a foreign country to some foreign man without having a traditional Chinese tea cermony...hmmmm....will worry about that when I actually have a boyfriend.

Was a crazy week back in Singapore. First there was having to check out our new apartment (we're moving! I'm so excited! Not that I would be there most of the time but it's still a new place!) the wedding, then having to meet friends and also needing to shop for some supplies...before I knew it, it was time to return to the UK. I hardly had time to get anything done! Brother kept telling me "you're never around". Honestly did feel bad. It's just confusing. I really miss home at times. Not Singapore, just the people that I care about. And leaving after everytime I return is really difficult. And yet, I really cannot see myself settling down permanently in Singapore. The humidity, the rigidity, the limited media market, *shudder*. Oh I don't know. Who knows, after this year, I might not have a choice and would have to stay in Singapore anyway...

Oh well. Will worry about that later. Am hoping to have a proper holiday during the next 10 days (first in Wales, and then we'll drive down to the house in France in a caravan) where the only thing I'll do is sleep, read, write and eat. Ah, the life....

Thursday, 1 May 2003

I'm going home, going home, going home home home!!! Really excited. I know I've been away from home for longer periods than 4 months, but I'm just missing home terribly. Coz honestly, there's no love loss between England and I. I really love the travelling (as I'm sure is exhibited with all my adventures), but the fact that I'm being more or less ill-treated here is screwing everything else up...but yeah, I'm really excited about going home.

Cyd and Nat did my hair yesterday. They put orange hair extensions into it. I absolutely love it. Have been wanting orange hair for the longest of looking forward to having my relatives comment on my hair instead of asking me if I've got a boyfriend. That was the strategy since knowing that I'm going home for a wedding, all my relatives are going to swarm in on me and ask when would it be my turn. Especially since the only two cousins I have who are my age are either married or about to. They can't seem to comprehend that I love being single and free. Not to mention the fact that I'm still only 22....geesh. Anyway, the hair's meant to distract them. Hahaha.
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