Sunday, 29 August 2004

of all the strange places I've slept in, my accommodation this week has gotta be in the top 5.

I'm sharing a queen-size mattress (note: mattress, not bed) with Nat, in a corner of a living room in a typical British house.

The house is shared by 6 people, but at times has more than twice the number of people in it. So we almost constantly have people watching movies, eating, checking their emails in our 'bedroom'.

I have my sleeping bag as a blanket, and next to me is the big glass door that leads to the garden. Just last night, we had a visitor in the form of a frog. As well as a mosquito that kept attempting to live in my ear. It was quite a sight seeing Nat chasing the frog all around the living room trying to catch it.

At my foot is an unused computer that I constantly kick because my legs are too long. On my right, near my head, hiding behind the curtains, are the legs to the ironing table threatening to fall on you.

When you are half asleep and do not have your glasses on. When the light has already been turned down low, you turn to your side and get the heck scared out of you because you imagine that someone has entered the house through the garden door beside you and is standing behind the curtain.

On Nat's side of the bed, near her head, is the ironing board that belongs to the legs of the ironing table. That too, threatens to fall on us.

Anca put it very aptly when she mentioned that we are sleeping in between an ironing board. many people travel 13 hours from Singapore to England to do that? I love the good ole' English life.

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