Tuesday, 19 October 2004

it's amazing how people deem themselves as appropriate to nose themselves into other people's business.

A colleague came up to me after lunch today, telling me about a conversation that had transpired between her and another colleague, a person whom I do not know, nor have ever met.

Apparently, she enquired of my colleague as to how can I be dressed so casually. And this was not done in an off-handed manner, but in a disgusted "my nose is so high up in the air, it's a wonder I can still see where I'm going" tone.

My colleague simply replied, "She's a temp staff. And she doesn't need to deal with customers. Your dress code is not applied to her."

"Oh, she doesn't have to see customers?" came the sneering response.

1. What I wear is none of your business. I can choose to turn up in a bunny suit and it still is not any of your business. I leave it up to my supervisor to talk to me about what I wear. And since she has not actually commented on my dressing, I think you should keep your opinions to yourself.

2. I understand I'm working in an office, and I have already succumbed to the culture by NOT wearing jeans, T-shirts and sneakers.

3. I am not you. I do not like to look like a Christmas tree. Or a walking target for robbers. Even if I had money, I would rather spend my money on something more worthwhile and useful than decorating myself so that people would know how wealthy I am. Or dress in such a way so that people would think I am rich, even if I am not. I am more true to myself than that.

4. Is it really that bad that I choose not to conform to the stifling, brainless and superficial corporate culture that I am unfortunately working in? I cannot help it that I happen to have a style I call my own, a style in which I am comfortable in.

And I'm sorry for giving you an ulcer with what I wear.

Actually, I'm not.

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