Friday, 23 June 2006

At about 4.45 this morning, one bleary eyed girl stumbled out of her flat trying not to freeze from the winter chill, walked a few metres down the road to her neighbour's whereupon she falls into the backseat of a car, greeted by two rather unbelievably awake guys, one of whom was rather chirpy.

The car drives about three minutes down the road and parks by the side of the road in front of a house. The occupants get out of the car and invited themselves into the house, making their way into the living room and were greeted by a chorus of cheers and overall enthusiasm.

The living room gradually fills up with more people, some decked out in green and gold outfits, as the minutes go by, as well as with snacks and not forgetting the Australian flag.

This girl has been extremely impressed by just how much the Aussies get behind their team, supporting and cheering them on even though some cannot differentiate a free kick from a penalty and most probably never had an interest in football, much less the World Cup, until now.

It really warms the heart to see the dedication, the love, the passion and the sense of ownership Aussies have towards their fellow countrymen in the world of sports. It is a matter of unquestioning support, simply because they are from Australia.

It's beautiful.

The first equaliser from Australia was great to watch, even better was the second (which saw Australia go through to the second round), but what was the best to watch was the reaction of the eight or so people around. The loud cheers, the group hugs, the waving of the flag, the collective bouncing up and down on the mattress that was in the middle of the living room floor.

It was amazing no coffee, water or chips were spilt during that celebration.

This girl will definitely be getting an early night tonight...

Read the more objective report here.

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1 comment:

Maya said...

At the risk of getting pelted, this girl didn't want Australia to win..... at football OR at rugby. Same goes for England.

*ducks at a flying vase*

I still want Argentina to win!!! Or Brazil, Spain.

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