Monday, 19 June 2006

My baby was delivered last Thursday at 3.05pm and I fell in love with her immediately.

Oh sorry, not her, I mean, this other baby, weighing a healthy 1,070 kg, looking cute and blue, with four wheels too!

Introducing baby Carrot (if my car cannot be orange in colour, she will at least be orange in name), delivered on June 15 to my workplace.

Unfortunately, as I was on course that day, I did not get back to work in time to collect the keys. As such, the evening was spent instead bonding with Carrot from the outside.

I could not help but smile and gently run my fingers along her smooth, sleek and shiny body. She was such a lovely blue, and so brand new! (She had done a grand total of 20km when I started driving her.)

She is small, but not that small I cannot fit five people in and just so incredibly cute.

I really did fall in love with her immediately and it took Daniel a while to pry me away from her. Even though when I first met her, I could only admire her from the outside in the dark.

But I got the keys to Carrot bright and early the next day and life hasn't been the same since. Carrot is one of the most beautiful car to drive in the world. So easy to control, so smooth to drive, just simply...perfect.

I've now got wheels! Hurrah, hurrah!

And in case anybody was wondering, the real baby is Zanna Ackland, daughter of friends Belinda and Joel whom I met up with after my camping trip at Fraser (and yes, the photos will come soon.)

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Della said...

Awww, congratulations on the beautiful baby, Carrot! :)

Maya said...

A blue car named Carrot. How cute...

Anyway, you look nice holding the REAL baby. :) Could this be a sign???

Kel said...

Carrot, the car that would be orange if it could!?! You crack me up Mel.

My first car was blue too. A bright blue mini. And that was when I lived in Sydney at Rose Bay.

If you have half the adventures I had in my first car in Sydney, you're in for the ride of your life :)

Ida said...

Congrats to you new car Carrot!

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