Tuesday, 13 June 2006

My flight home got delayed by two hours last night and I didn't end up arriving home till about 1am this morning. Am absolutely exhausted, especially considering I had to chair a meeting this morning at 9.30am.

I have to attend two full-day courses tomorrow and Thursday so have a heap of work to catch up and clear since I'm technically losing two days of work this week (three, including Monday's public holiday).

So I will not say much about my camping trip over the weekend besides the fact that I absolutely loved it. I can't believe I would actually enjoy myself so much, but I did.

The rainforests, the bush, the 4WDriving, the sea, the cliffs, the view, the beach...Fraser Island is simply gorgeous.

Of course, we spent the entire of Day 2 permanently wet and even had to pitch a tent in the rain - which was no mean feat trying to keep the non-waterproof part of the tent dry. Boy was I glad to get out of my wet clothes just before going to bed, well, sleeping bag.

Saw some incredible things, experienced some unbelievable things. Unfortunately did not catch sight of any dingoes.

Will have to write more about it later since I'm practically hitting the floor running upon my return and currently my body is calling out for a well-needed rest (and soak in a bath).

But the gist of it is I really really had a fantastic weekend.

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Kel said...

as a southern island dweller on a place called Raymond, I look forward to seeing your photos of the famous northern island called Fraser.

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