Thursday, 8 June 2006

Queen's Birthday long weekend coming up! Woohoo!

Leaving for Fraser Island early tomorrow morning to enjoy a couple of days of:

and a few nights of:

with a group of friends. Well, technically with two friends and two other people I don't actually know.

Really looking forward to the 4WDriving on Fraser, the sand dunes, the highly anticipated holiday after a few weeks of craziness at work.

The bit where I'll be camping out on the beach in the middle of winter on the other hand...

Back next week with stories and photos!

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Kelli B said...

Wow. That looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Have so much fun. I love to camp...wish I lived near beaches like that though! :)

Keasty said...

fraser is is a fav spot of mine. currently in USA but heading (being thrown out) for Canada on Tues. enjoy FI.

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