Monday, 30 April 2007

Just reading through Joshua the other day and can't help but find a correlation between his behaviour and mine.

Joshua has just had an unbelievable triumphant victory over Jericho in what was possibly a few days ago. Following that, he decides to go to war against Ai. However, he is defeated.

It's not the fact the a rather humiliating defeat followed a great victory in such quick succession that stunned me. It was how melodramatic Joshua was regarding the defeat that made me stop and think.

He had just won a victory against Jericho. And then with just one, not two, not three, but just one defeat against Ai, he forgets everything that God had done for him, all the victories, all the blessings and simply wants to go back to what was familiar.

He had a calling. He had numerous blessings. But all it took was one defeat for everything to come crumbling down.

How true that for all of us. We pray fervantly. We ask for God's guidance. When all is said and done, we are convinced God has called us to go somewhere or do something.

And it starts smoothly. We praise God and thank him and pat ourselves on our back for heeding God's will.

Then it starts falling apart, and suddenly we have doubts. In fact, we so sincerely believe that God brought suffering to us and start wondering how we are ever going to survive, or why we even did what we did, or went where we went.

Oh how quickly the human mind forgets. Forgets the conviction. Forgets the past blessings. Simply forgets.

We really ought to take time to remember God more, particularly in time of crisis.

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