Monday, 6 August 2007

Over the last 2.5 years as a public relations practitioner and a news reporter for the church (don't ask me how I reconcile that), I've come across a breed of people who completely amaze and exasperate me.

These are the ones who read, or rather glance through, a news article and immediately believe that our facts are wrong or that we are talking about something else entirely.

They would write irate letters to us, stating that we were wrong about something and that we really should check our sources. Or something along the lines.

Thing is, if they had actually read the "errant" sentence carefully, they would not have needed to write any such irate letter to us.

Instead, we end up having to write calm and polite letters telling them that, actually, as stated in the first paragraph, our stories mean "A-B-C", and not "D-E-F" as they had assumed.

If they had only taken the time to properly read the article before sending us a letter saying we were wrong.

I had a bit of a whinge session with my colleague about this in the morning and the quote he gave me was absolutely priceless -
Conclusion jumping should be an Olympic sport - we might have a chance of a gold!


Rodney Olsen said...

Reminds me of an email we received at the radio station criticising something I'd said on-air.

A listener had decided that what I said meant that I beleive women belong in the home and nowhere else. I had also, apparently, downplayed the incredible work that mothers do in preparing their children for school.

What I said had nothing to do with motherhood or the place of women so I have no idea where she was coming from.

You'd also be amazed at the complaints we've had about some of the lyrics in some of the songs we play. A quick Google lyric search would save them the embarrassment of being told that they've got it so incredibly wrong.

Maya said...

LOL! Good one!

I feel that complaining and queueing should be part of the Olympics, too!

That way, Singapore can win the gold medals... without importing talent. ;)

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