Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas gifts

As with most people, I've been thinking alot about Christmas presents these last few days.

I'm making a list, checking it twice...

But the thing is, I don't want to simply go out to the shops and buy someone something.

I just don't like the consumeristic nature of it (K-Rudd may differ in opinion since my way is technically slowing down the economy...).

You go out there, you buy something without much thought, you give it to the person, the person says thanks and it just sits in the person's cupboard growing mildew or something. Perhaps it'll get recycled as a present for someone else, but then it will just sit in that someone else's cupboard or so on and so forth.

Unless of course the present was honestly bought with much thought for the person, and is actually something that person would love and use. Now that's another story.

But if you really want to give someone a present, why did you have to wait till Christmas to give it?

I like giving gifts, and I may wait for birthdays and such to give them, but that hasn't stopped me from also randomly giving presents to people just because, well, I want to.

And that's why I like making my gifts from scratch.

I like to think I'm creating a unique gift and am having little impact on the environment if I use recycled materials. But best of all, I'm not supporting blind and/or mass consumerism.

The only problem? Hand made gifts take far too much time. If I start making presents now, I think I'll have them in time for Christmas 2009.

But then there are these gift ideas from the Tree Hugging Family.

Giving the gift of experience or a gift of necessity is not only more useful than giving a product gift, but both use fewer resources and thus, are eco-friendly.

Gifts of experience:

  • Tickets to a play, the ballet, a concert, or art show.
  • Season sports team tickets.
  • A trip to the zoo, beach, art museum, or national park for a child.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Enrollment in a class - places like community colleges offer low-cost art, craft, and computer classes that people may enjoy.
  • iTunes gift certificate.
  • A gingerbread house making day.

Gifts of necessity:

  • Pay someone’s mobile phone bill for two months.
  • Offer to change someone’s oil, breaks, or other car issue.
  • Give babysitting certificates.
  • Organize someone’s garage.
What are you giving for Christmas this year?


101 reasons to buy handmade.

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richies said...

This year we a breaking with tradition and not decorating or giving gifts. My wife, my son and I are going on a cruise in the Caribbean on the week of Christmas. We are going with my parents and a good friend. What a Christmas blessing it has been to not be rushed and stressed over the decorating and buying gifts.

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