Monday, 9 February 2009

Experiments in dyeing

It had to happen. I had to attempt dyeing my own yarn. And to my pleasant surprise, hand-dyeing is a really easy process. Squirt colours here and there, pop it in the microwave, rinse, dry and viola! Custom-made yarn!

I really enjoyed hand-dyeing the yarn. This could possibly be a new addiction...


I can't say enough just how much I love this colourway. It's just so bright and fruity. It's probably a little too loud for some, but I simply adore this colour. The yarn was originally white, so no wonder it turned out almost neon.


This was originally a dark grey yarn. I wasn't quite sure what kind of colours I would get and to be honest, I'm not quite happy with the colours I've got. They're a bit brown/burnt orange and it's not really my kind of colour. But I like how there are faded and darker areas.

The process:
Colour recipe:

Red - 5mls dye, 20 mls water
Yellow - 5mls dye, 10mls water
Orange - 5mls red dye, 20mls yellow dye, 50mls water

I love the brilliance the dyes had on the white yarn, not so much the grey one.

Instructions from Pea Soup and the ladies of From the Dyepot on Ravelry.

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SugarPuff said...

I really love the "whimsical" :)

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