Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Banana neckwarmer

Knitted this up using banana silk yarn, which was the most interesting experience.

The yarn goes thick and thin without warning - it actually goes really really thin, almost to breaking point. Very soft and drape-y though. Certainly doesn't feel like any other yarn I've worked with.

The project itself was a quick knit, like most other neckwarmers and really easy to memorise the stitch patterns. Love the pattern, it's kind of like a stockinette stitch, without the curl. It also uses a very small amount of yarn.

Button was an eBay purchase. Supposed vintage bakelite buttons.

It's not the kind of colours I would choose for myself, which works well since it isn't for me!

Pattern here (Ravelry link).


Kel said...

hmm the post title sucked me in here, with visions of banana skins wrapped around your neck

so, is banana silk yarn made from banana by-products?

Melody said...

LOL - I haven't gone Survivor yet :)

I'm not sure how it's made, but as for origins - "It is spun from shredded rayon waste, from clothing manufacture. The rayon originates from the non-fruiting variety of the banana palm musa textilus that is commonly known as manilla hemp or abaca."

They've got yarn made from corn, bamboo and soy as well and it always baffles me to consider how they make it.

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