Friday, 9 July 2010

Pink American shrug

I can't believe how easy the pattern is to make this shrug! It literally is simply knitting a rectangular piece in 2x2 rib for long and wide enough, sew it in the right spots and viola! A knitted item of clothing! How incredibly clever is that!

And now that I've discovered how easy it is to do that, I might have to add a sleeved version.

Knitted in 100% wool, this shrug is very warm despite weighing virtually nothing at all. In this cold weather, I like wearing it under my jacket. And when I do that, I hardly have to wear many layers because it keeps my neck and shoulders really warm. The only problem are my bare arms.

Most of the shrug was knitted up while I was in America and we were road-tripping up and down the West Coast.

My friend Jeanelle took the photos and I think she did a magnificent job, considering the subject matter!

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