Thursday, 4 May 2006

The real things I learnt so far*:

1. Anybody interested in communicating the gospel to the world must jump on the podcasting bandwagon.

It took Sony 10 years to sell 50 million walkmans, but Apple only 4.5 years to sell the same number of iPods.

On demand entertainment, where one is able to listen/watch what they want, when they want, where they want, will be the thing of the future.

Interesting Christian podcasts to note: Catholic Insider and The Bored Again Christian

Websites helpful for potential podcasters: AudioHijack Pro (saves audio directly into mp3 format) and Ourmedia (free storage and bandwidth for your video files, audio files and photos. Forever.) Oh, and while you're there, check out and see if you can find past versions of your websites using the wayback machine.

2. Being a "rich ministry" is not sinful.

Many ministries seem to believe being poor is a more spiritual position to be in.

We're part of a spiritual battle annd the funding of ministries is a part of the war. Money is a strategic target by the devil since without funds, we cannot further the work of the Lord.

God's purpose is to fund his ministry through his people.

Funding is essential, and we need to pay attention to infrastructures and cultivate communication strategies that will enable us to obtain funding.

3. Effective communication to a secular postmodern mindset is not that difficult.

Postmodernism has challenged all sorts of traditional institutions and adopts the stand that truth is relative.

However, the result of this is a generation of people who are uncertain about the future, lack identity and possessing a spiritual hunger, wanting to find out "who am I?"

The openness towards faith and spirituality also means we now have the licence to discuss Christianity in a more open manner.

The most effective way of communicating to the postmodern generation is to speak their language (I'm assuming that anyone reading this would have a knowledge of postmodernn language. But do email me if you would like to know about it.)

Check out Christianity Works.

*Any websites mentioned have not been thoroughly explored yet. I believe they're interesting and helpful, having heard and seen snippets, but am unable to get a thorough look largely due to the fact that I'm currently using dial-up and it's not the cheapest plan to go on at the moment. But I assure you I'm definitely going to surf these sites much more thoroughly when I get back!

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bilbo said...

great report from CBA. Good luck getting your brethren to let you make it happen.

Melody said...

haha...that's the tricky part isn't it?

the upside tho is that we are seriously looking into may happen 10 years later, but at least it'll happen! ;)

faith-t said...

gd perspective =)

Pedro Torres Martínez said...

Hi there! My name is Pedro Torres, I'm a SDA pastor in Spain. Right now I'm studying my Ph D. in communications and I'm wondering if it's worthy to focus my investigation in blogs as a media for evangelism. Just let me know your thoughts.
Don't stop posting your blog, and.. happy sabbath!

Uhm, my e-mail is

God bless you!

Just Pete said...

Hey, thanks for the propers, Melody! Peace, love, and all that jazz.

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