Thursday, 4 May 2006

Conference day two. What I'm learnt so far:

1. 75% of Australian Christian broadcasters are called either Phil or Philip.

2. I hate networking. The very act of going up to a complete stranger and having to strike a conversation with them does not send a thrill down my spine. I don't mind people. I'm just not particularly fond of forcing my friendship down their throats.

3. Sitting in a hotel conference room two minutes away from the beach on a sunny cloudless day can make a person somewhat insane.

4. How to be a good father and relate to my children better. Pity I'm neither male nor have any plans or desire to have offspring.

5. One gets fat at conferences with the hotel's buffet breakfasts and lunches and incredibly gigantic chocolate mudcakes.

6. Sitting in the sun by the beach while the conference is ongoing can be rather enjoyable...

Seriously though, I did learn a lot in terms of communicating and communication technologies, more of which I'll share later this evening.

Time to return to the conference!

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The Misery Chick said...

I HATE NETWORKING, TOO!!! I call it schmoozing.

So awkward to suddenly go up to sm1 and just start yakking. Unless I am interested in that person. Or my friend is interested in that person and doesn't wanna approach him. Remember Christophe? He he he.

Melody said...

how can i ever forget Christophe??? (whom I believe still thinks my name is Marlena)

I watched this bunch of people doing capoeira some months ago...reminded me of him.

Rodney Olsen said...

One of those 'Philips' would be Philip Randall, General Manager of Sydney's 103.2 FM and former GM of 98.5 Sonshine FM in Perth, where I work.

Did you 'network' with Barry Grosser, our GM, or Arthur Muhl, our PD?

-ben said...

Same thing here. I am not a fan of networking. The practice of getting to know people just so that you can make use of them later strikes me as insincere, shallow and disingenuous. Business students, in particular, seem to be coached in this obnoxious behavior.

Rodney Olsen said...

While I'm not great at 'networking' and I'm sure that many people use it in the way you have described, I always see it as a two way street.

I'm just as interested in knowing if I can help another person as whether they can help me.

As a radio broadcaster I have the privilege of being able to offer exposure to various groups through my programme. In return I get to create good radio.

Those who use any form of networking as simply a way to benefit themselves will most often come unstuck fairly quickly.

Melody said...

hi rodney! arthur actually hosted the conference and immediately thought of you when i found out where he works, but somehow never managed to actually go up to him to say hi!

I like your take on networking, very good I just need to figure out how I can actually help people I approach!

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