Friday, 14 July 2006

Birthdays have ever only been special to me because my friends make it so. This year hasn't been an exception.

Since Kristin is getting married this Sunday, I hadn't actually really thought about my birthday much at all. There isn't even much time to celebrate it since we would be holding her hen's party this afternoon and dinner for her this evening. It's not something I really mind. As I've mentioned before, birthdays don't really mean much to me and my best friend is getting married after all!

But Daniel asked me out for breakfast with him this morning and his very valid reason of "seeing that breakfast seems to be the only spot free in your day" convinced me that sacrificing some sleep this morning would be fine.

He brought me to McDonald's ("ok Crowne Plaza Terrigal it ain't - but it'll be open and hopefully you can find something edible there!") and after we got our order, we walked off towards the seats.

He leads me to a corner of the restaurant and while looking around, my brain slowly registers that there were some people in the restaurant that I actually knew. Having not had much sleep the entire week, by the time it struck me that my friends were actually at the restaurant having breakfast, they had burst out with a loud "Surprise!!!!" and broke into song.

It was amazing. Daniel had actually organised a surprise "birthday party" for me and these people actually woke up at 6.30am or whatnot just to wish me a happy birthday!

It's nice to be reminded annually how special you are...

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Rodney Olsen said...

Happy happy birthday. :)

Kel said...

is it your birthday today?

it's mine tomorrow!

enjoy your day . . . if you can after a Maccas breakfast !?!?!

Maya said...

I feel so shitty I took so long to wish you a happy birthday!

Usually I'll do it within the 1st hr of you turning 26!!!

Anyway, have a great birthday!!

Della said...


*a litle belated, but hope it was happy nonetheless*


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