Monday, 3 July 2006

I am extremely unhappy with Dell at the moment.

Early last week, I placed two orders, one order for three monitors and another for three keyboards on behalf of my department. They were rather efficient with demanding payment, getting in contact with me within 24 hours.

However, after payment was made, we changed our minds about the order and decided to cancel the order for the three monitors, and reduce the other order from three keybords to two.

So I called Dell to do exactly so and after being put on hold for 45 minutes and being transferred all around the world, first to someone with an Australian accent, then an Indian accent, and then a Singaporean accent and finally an American accent.

The lady with the American accent spent an endless amount of time with me, trying to understand what I wanted. She repeated my requests to me and at the end of it, it really sounded like she knew exactly what I wanted.

At the end of the phonecall, I was fully assured that one of my orders was cancelled, while the other changed. She even said she would send me a confirmation email and I would be refunded for the orders.

Good customer service, I thought, despite being put on hold for a ridiculous amount of time.

Then I never received any confirmation emails. I sent an enquiry via email and never got a reply. It was as if the entire Dell got dropped into the black hole.

Today, my orders were delivered. Nothing was changed. I received three monitors and three keyboards. It was as if my phonecall to cancel the orders and change them never happened.

1.5 hours of my entire life wasted for nothing.

I'm on the phone to Dell again and all I get is cheesy elevator music. Every 10 minutes or so, someone picks up the phone and asks, "How can I direct your call?"

I tell them my problem and they tell me, "Regarding your order, I will have to direct your call to a customer care specialist."

After 10 more minutes of elevator music, I get the same question, "How can I direct your call?" and the whole saga starts again.

If you know where I'm supposed to be directed, why don't you just direct me there instead of giving me a full runaround and asking me time and again how to direct my call?

Is your memory that bad?

Or perhaps you're just so busy cheating honest people of their money that you don't actually have a customer care specialist because *gasp* YOU. DON'T. CARE?!

I am very very displeased right now. Where are my angry eyes?

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Mansfield said...

Hmm... Dell = hell...

Personally I like IBM/Lenovo gear better. But then it just seems so much more convenient with Dell's phone and web ordering scheme.

Kev said...

that's why I use a Mac. Once you go never go back.

Kev said...

I have IBM gear at work and it still is windows. which means it crashes periodically. I hate peecees.

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