Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Hmm, I could use a bit of this at the moment.

Have been going for kickboxing classes for about four times now and I really feel like the most accident-prone person in the world.

Lesson 1 - returned home with completely dead arms for the next seven days.

Lesson 2 - returned home with a strange lump forming on my right shoulder, transforming me quite literally into Quasimodo for the next seven days.

Lesson 3 - the arms have gotten used to the torture, but I got elbowed in the mouth instead, causing my teeth to scrap off the skin on the inside of my lower lip.

Lesson 4 - somehow managed to land wrongly, ending up with a somewhat twisted knee and therefore am now walking with a strange limp.

Thanks to Anil Dash for the link.

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