Tuesday, 1 August 2006

So, I was tagged by Maya about a month ago. But better late than never right?

Ten Interesting Facts About Melody

1. The Bee Gees were the main inspiration behind my name. More specifically, this song.

2. My first career choice (excluding the typical jobs one wanted to be as a child) was to be an archaeologist. Not quite, aka Lara Croft, but something along that lines. I nearly went to Manchester Uni to study that, but costs and God took me to Avondale to study Communication instead.

3. I hold a brown belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Not that I'd be able to defend myself like Jackie Chan would since I got my brown belt ten years ago and haven't practised since. I probably can't even kick past my head now.

4. I've dived the Great Barrier Reef, even though I don't hold a diving license. Witnessed one of the most beautiful sights in the world, the amazing colourful corals and the brightly coloured fish. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy it because of interesting fact #5

5. I am slightly claustrophobic. Not enough to render me useless when I get into a lift, but if the lift stops moving and I don't hear the fan going, I start getting edgy. As long as I know I have an ample supply of oxygen, I'm good. Which is why I was highly uncomfortable diving because my nose was pinched and I could only breath the air that was strapped to my back through my mouth.

6. I've visited 18 different countries (and driven through one) besides Singapore. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (drove through Belgium). Yes, I'm addicted to travelling.

7. I bungee-jumped when I was 18. I'm still waiting for the appropriate moment to go sky-diving. Hopefully before I become too old and become too much of a coward.

8. I've been a bridesmaid three times in three different countries. 2004 in Munich, Germany. 2005 in Fiji and 2006 in Australia. I am contemplating switching my career and hiring out my services as a professional bridesmaid around the world.

9. I didn't start wearing make-up till I was about 18. And my first foray into it involved being a goth. Naturally, it didn't work too well. I still hate wearing foundation, so I'm basically a face powder, blush and lip gloss kind of girl. Oh, and I was pretty much a tomboy till before 18 and have been mistaken for a boy several times before.

10. I am an introvert. Which is especially ironical since I'm in Public Relations. But given a choice, I would rather spend time with a select group of close friends than in a big party full of acquaintences. And I truly recharge be spending time alone.

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The Misery Chick said...

You HAD to talk abt the travelling thru 18 countries bit. :P

I am just waiting to get out of SG again....and I just returned yesterday!!

Kev said...

I have two black belts and two brown ones...I can defend well with them. Especially when the buckle is swingin around.

Melody said...


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