Wednesday, 9 August 2006

I had to laugh out loud while reading Defrag's Quote of the Week:
"I have one message today for the entire eBay community: we, the Postal Service, we love you. We love every buyer, every seller, every power seller."

US Postmaster General John E. Potter enthuses about the rise in business generated by online shopping.

You know, having the Postal Service care that passionately about you is a little creepy. Especially since they know where you live.
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blue nurse said...

Hey Mel!
Yes, I would say that having the postal service love you that much is just a bit scary! :P
I promise I will get together with you sometime soon .. who knows when ... strange since I live across the road but oh well!
Miss ya!
P.S. Check it out .. I am blogging again!! :D

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