Friday, 8 September 2006

Baby Carrot is back!

Well, not quite fixed with simply placing an alcoholic meerkat in front of it...but Carrot really is as good as new!

Don't have pics of the returned Carrot, but the smash repairers literally removed both her doors and the back panel and replaced it with brand new parts. (Which explains the huge bill since the Yaris sedan has only been in Australia for about six months and people since don't generally smash their new cars, the parts were still coming in.)

Carrot was returned yesterday evening and it looks as if she had never been involved in any intimate meeting with guardrails at all. She's gorgeous! They even polished her and made her tyres unbelievably shiny!

So Brentyn, I know you'll be reading this - thank you so much for taking care of her and ensuring she looks as beautiful as before. And it would be nice if you don't meet any future guardrails!

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1 comment:

kris said...

hey isn't that the thrifty truck i drove? (in the background)

too cool too cool too cool!

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