Friday, 1 September 2006

Guess I'm going to be a committed Nokia phone user from now onwards and will have to reconsider buying that MacBook from Apple for a long while.

According to the latest test results from Greenpeace, Apple (together with Lenovo and Motorola) are producing a huge amount of toxic waste in the production of their goods into the environment.

Nokia on the other hand, had recycling policies and was leading the way on eliminating toxic chemicals.

Consuming really should not simply be about owning something. We have the responsibility to the environment and really do need to support companies that actually do something to ensure its preservation. And we have the power to influence the way companies deal with the environment.

What kind of goods will you be consuming today?

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kris said...

i love macs! i was most disheartened that apple wasn't producing products that were envio friendly. I was so disappointed that i wrote them a letter. maybe by the time i'm ready to purchase one in the next couple of years, it will be a better enviro product...

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