Wednesday, 13 September 2006

This is really bizarre and should be a lesson learnt for all companies dealing with customer service. Please do not ever send out a standard template reply without actually first reading and understanding your customer's email and then reading through your reply that is probably taken from a list of five templates to see if it actually sounds logical.

Am currently shopping for a digital voice recorder that does so in mp3 format and came across Sandisk's Digital Audio Players. It all seems nice and well until I realised I could not find out what format it records voice in.

After a rather frustrating five minutes of looking through the entire website first glancing through the FAQ for an answer (none there) and then trying to find a contact number so that I could simply ask someone the question, I finally found a toll-free number in Australia.

I dialled the number and was told "I'm sorry, our offices are currently closed. Please call back between 9am and 6pm New South Wales Time."

It was 4pm in Sydney.

Sydney was in New South Wales the last I checked.

Anyway, finally found an email address for a support office in Singapore or something (there was no email address for Australia - the Sandisk office in Australia probably has not realised computers were invented yet considering they are stuck in goodness knows what time in goodness knows where.)

So I drafted up a quick email that asked:
Hi there,

Just enquiring about the recording function of your Digital Audio Player.

What kind of file format would recorded clips be in?

In what would be a rather pleasant surprise, I actually received an email reply less than an hour later saying (italics mine):
Hello Melody,

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. I have read your email and apologize for any inconveniences this issue may be causing you. We are sorry to hear you're having problems and are here to assist you.

The recording will be voice file which are wav. file format.

Should you need to speak to a live representative please contact SanDisk Technical Support at one of the listed contact numbers.

Best Regards,
Moira N.
SanDisk Technical Support
USA +1 (866) 726 3475
Now was anybody actually reading what they were writing?

My question was answered, but I really wasn't have any problems or mentioned so. Well, I've got many problems, but I don't think someone could have realised that from a two line email...

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