Thursday, 2 November 2006

In extremely exciting news (well, to me at least), Company, a novel by one of my all-time favourite author, is finally going to be published in Australia!

A book being published may not be exciting news, even if it was by one's favourite author, but the fact that Company has been available overseas for at least a year kind of negates that. Particularly since Max Barry is Australian and based in Melbourne.

My first introduction to Max Barry was through his book Syrup in 2003, which was one of the most entertaining marketing satirical book I've ever read. We shall ignore the fact that I haven't really read many marketing satirical books before then.

It was intriguing, exciting, highly entertaining, laugh out loud funny and most of all, dealt with subject I could relate with. I have read all of his other books (a grand total of one) since and had been waiting impatiently for Company to be available in Australia.

And come March next year, it will be!

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