Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I live in an apartment block of six units. Behind our block, there is a row of garages for all six units, and in front of them are some car ports, for visitors, or for the extra person who may be living in our flats.

About two months ago, a dark Mercedes turned up in our car ports. Because we had two new people move in the block not too long ago, I simply assumed it belonged to either of them.

I've seen the driver of the Mercedes before and had no idea who he was. Talking to two ladies who lived in the apartment, they've also mentioned that they've seen him cleaning his car in our car ports on Sundays, looking quite at home. They've both thought he was new in the block.

About a week ago, a white pick-up appeared as well. By now, our car ports are getting rather full. Backing into my garage is no longer a two move manoeuvre. It's now a twenty point one because the pick-up is oh so conveniently sprawled across two parking lots right in front of my garage.

I finally got around to asking all six residents if they knew who the two cars belonged too. All had no idea and had thought it belonged to the other.

So the fact of the matter is, we have two cars parked on our property, and we have no idea who they belong to, or where they came from.

Curious and I have to admit, somewhat annoying.


Rodney Olsen said...

You need to put a note on their windscreens telling them that parking in those bays is illegal and they do it again they will be reported. Then, if they do it again, make sure you call your local council and complain.

Melody said...

yeah, will probably do that.

Or I should just wait till the driver comes home, go up to him and tell him "I'm on to you, I know you don't belong here, but if you pay me $50 a month, I'll keep quiet."

Melody said...

I was just given the best suggestion - to threaten to report them to ASIO if they refuse to leave...not that would be a threat in this current climate!

Maya said...

That happens here too! Pp parking in residents' lots and the actual residents have to park further away from their flats.

So inconsiderate.

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