Monday, 17 November 2008

Knitted graffiti

I don't know how people can have that much time in their hands to knit frivolous things.

I hardly have time to finish knitting a scarf, what more spend time knitting fruit cosies or stuffed guitars.

But maybe it's simply because I knit far too slowly?

Knitted graffiti is one of those frivolous things that fascinate me though - it's like graffiti-ing a public object, only not with spray paint, but yarn.

Check out this tree:

And this:

Essentially frivolous, but oh so funny. And somewhat akin to random sculptures/art pieces in the city. Imagine walking past something like that, in such bright happy colours - I can't help but think it'll brighten your day. And I suppose the damage is not as permanent as spray paint.

Not that I would ever have time to do something like this. I'm still trying to finish a top I started about two months ago.

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Ida said...

One of the photos of the knitting graffiti looks like it could be Slussen in Stockholm...

JafaBrit's Art said...

The top photos of the trees are done by Carol Hummel. The knitting for our tree (knit knot tree) didn't cause any damage. and yes, you are right, people loved the knit graf, made them laugh, and brightened a grey winter in Ohio last year.

richies said...
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richies said...

It is amazing what people will do with their time. My wife wonders what I did before I started blogging.

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