Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Anna Gare: The best food is made at home

It's always exciting to see your work in print, no matter how long you've been in the business of writing.

I can't quite remember when exactly i interviewed Anna Gare, The Great Australian Bake Off co-host and judge of Junior Masterchef Australia. It was just before I took time off to get married, so it would have been mid-September some time. The article was scheduled to appear in the January-February issue of Signs of the Times and today, the magazine arrived.

Cover article, yeah!
We did a phone interview, as Anna was on the way from Sydney to Canberra to promote her new cookbook. (And for those wondering, she was being driven, so wasn't being a road hazard or anything.)

I don't think I'll forget the first few minutes of our phone conversation. She was warm, pleasant and gave me the impression that she had all the time in the world to chat. Such was her level of thoughtfulness and courtesy that it wasn't until I actually asked if it was a good time to start the interview that she tells me, "Actually, my ride just arrived, so would it be alright if you called me back in ten minutes?"

Anyway, I call back in ten minutes and she sounded cheerful and lovely, and the interview went without a hitch. It was a really pleasant interview. She seemed so open and honest, had such a ready laugh and you could hear the passion that she has for cooking and food. And her philosophy was simple—fresh, unprocessed products are the best for you, and good, healthy food don't have to take hours to prepare.

You can read more about her thoughts here.

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