Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Life Worth Living

In line with my previous post about positivity, the start of a new year and my renewed commitment to blog more regularly, I've decided to give this site a bit of a refresh and a rename.

Aussie Adventures (this site's previous name) came about in 2005 after I learned that I was going to move to Australia for work. It was about keeping a log of the new experiences in a new country.

The purpose of this blog really does remain the same - it's about documenting the special moments in my life - but I feel that the message has gotten lost over the years and a name like "Aussie Adventures" didn't really help.

I want to capture the positive, the inspiring and the awesome. I want to talk about what should drive us, what can sustain us and what has made us smile. Not everything will be about the good and the great of course, because life doesn't work that way, but within the context of a life worth living, I hope everything will somehow still make sense.

And so, I bring you . . .

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