Thursday, 4 December 2003

I am extremely impressed.

By Count of Monte Cristo and Frequency star Jim (or James) Caviezel to be exact.

Was watching this BBC documentary last night about religion and celebrities. The interview with Jim was really good and the answers he gave to the questions, as well as his obvious principles made me wish there were more actors/actresses like him around. Incredible faith in God and love for Him.

Religion and celluloid/mass media culture can mix, but very very rarely and only with a firm foundation in God's Word. But it can and I know that's where I'm heading. I was led to study Communication for a reason and I sincerely believe that God gave me the passion I have for writing and movies. And Jim has made me believe that it is possible to do so without compromising my faith.

When I make that movie with Kristin, I can only hope we'd find a group of actors/actresses with his principles.

On another note...I am not entirely sure if I should be appalled or amused by this.

I mean, what exactly did the ad say?

I'm looking to eat someone. Will you let me eat you?

And someone actually responded to that??? Not only that, but the victim actually shared the meal?!?!?! Honestly, I don't think I would be very much interested in eating any part of myself!

The world is a strange strange place...

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