Monday, 19 December 2005

Thieves actually managed to steal this two-tonne sculpture with the help of a crane and a lorry.

I'm sorry, but I cannot stop smirking.

It's not as if it's a two-gram toy that can easily fit inside one's pocket. This is a gigantic piece of metal that would require much hefting and hoisting in order to successfully transport it. And the thieves managed to get away with it?


Mind you, the theft happened at around 10.45pm. Not that late. Not as if it were 3am where the roads would certainly be deserted. I'm guessing that would still be some sort of traffic at the hour of the night.

Imagine, three men (I don't know why three, it just seems like a good number for stealing large and heavy sculptures lying in the open) creeping in the park...

"Shhh..Mike, you're making too much noise!"


"Now, tiptoe over here and give me a hand with this crane will you?"

*loud engine sounds from the vehicle as sculpture is lifted onto the back of the lorry, dogs bark, birds squawk*

"Er...boss? Where are we hiding the sculpture?"

"In your tiny London townhouse of course! And after a month, we'll sell it on the market because nobody would recognise something as large and famous as this sculpture."

1 comment:

Della said...


I'd been wondering the same thing *lol*

I mean, what on earth would possess someone to think, "Yeah, I think I'll steal that statue and put it on the patio at home. Nice!"??

Personally, I suspect Bob the Builder...

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