Thursday, 7 December 2006

I'm still alive.

My recent disappearance is a result of a surprise return to Singapore (surprise for the folks in Singapore, not for me) for a week thanks to frequent flyer points.

Returning with Daniel meant having to do the whole tourist thing which saw us spending all day out, returning home exhausted and ready for bed. Naturally with the lack of sleep and the wet monsoon season, Daniel fell sick before the end of the week.

Got back last Thursday, but am currently staying at Manly. What with having to commute, flying to Melbourne for a day for work, going on all-day conferences, trying to sort out more than 200 emails and simply attempting to get back into the groove of things, updates on this site may be few and coming for a while.

But I will be back!


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know Mei Ann the playwright from PUC? Just wondering.... She's visiting Singapore, too.

Anyhow, I've been enjoying your blog from time to time. Very interesting :)

~ Julius

Melody said...

thanks for dropping in!

I know of Mei Ann, but I don't think we've actually met before.

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