Tuesday, 2 January 2007

We ended staying up till about 1am that day to catch a glimpse of a turtle laying her eggs.

The wait was worth it though. It was a thoroughly fascinating and magical experience watching this gigantic turtle very carefully dig up a hole in the sand, laying her eggs and then packing all the sand back in again. We also managed to follow her all the way back into the sea.

Unexpectedly ushered in the New Year in Brisbane after arriving at the Brisbane airport on 31 December in time for the 7pm flight to Sydney, only to realise we were actually at the wrong airport.

Was a rather funny experience, first we went to the wrong airline wanting to be checked in. The counter lady did a thorough check to confirm that we had no bookings whatsoever with the airline.

Thereupon a very confused Daniel started wondering which airline he had actually booked the tickets on. We were left with Qantas and Jetstar and Daniel was certain he did not book with Qantas, which left Jetstar, but Jetstar had no flights to Sydney.

A quick check on the internet revealed it was Jetstar and that was went the cold hard truth started to sink in that we may have arrived at the wrong airport. Talking to the guy at the counter soon confirmed that.

There was also no way we were going to make that flight, which left us with two options. Pay more to fly from the current airport to Newcastle in about 10 minutes, or pay more to fly from the other airport to Sydney the next morning.

After some umming and ahhing, we finally decided to have New Year's in Brisbane, spend the night in a hotel in the city (thank goodness for fantastic last minute deals) and drive the rental car up to the proper airport the next day.

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