Monday, 5 March 2007

Four more sleeps to go and the Circle of Courage Cycle Tour will all be over and my holiday will begin!

I am really looking forward to the time off.

It's not that the tour has been horrid. On the contrary it has been really nice having a look up the entire length of New Zealand. It's a gorgeous country.

Working with the media has been rather interesting too, although rather disappointing at times.

But the last few months have taken its toll on me. I'm spent. I'm tired. I'm worn out. And I badly, desperately need a break in order to revive and revitalise my soul.

I miss being inspired.


The Misery Chick said...

Oh I am SO envious!! The entire length of NZ! I love that place. So beautiful. Honestly hope I get to go back to NZ b4 am old and wrinkly and have osteoperosis or arthritis.

Ida said...

I'm happy to hear that you'll get some time off. How long is your holiday for? Take care!

Pedro Torres said...

Dear Aussie:
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Let's see if we can spread much better the gospel and the truth.
Yhank you so much.
Pedro Torres

Della said...

Dunno if it makes much of a difference to being exhausted and unispired at the moment, but it's been great getting google alerts that have picked up on various local newspapers reporting really positively on CoC :) At least there's been some great coverage of it, so the work you're doing is having an effect :D

Kel said...

enjoy your well deserved holiday
and what an awesome spot to have it!

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