Monday, 10 December 2007

Met up with a bunch of friends at a national reserve for brunch, a game of cricket and generally just to hang out yesterday.

The day was sunny, warm and just that bit on the humid side. With all that rain we've been getting over the past week, I'm not surprised.

Who would have thought that by about 4pm, storm clouds would start to roll in, making it seemed like there was early nightfall that afternoon.

A few minutes after helping Daniel get the washing in, I started hearing pounding on the roof. It was like as if really big and fat raindrops were pelting it.

That was when Daniel sprung up, exclaimed "hail!", rushed out of the house, rushed back in yelling at Kylie-Anne to move her car under shelter, ran out of the house, ran back in again, ran around the house, emerged of the house with a couple of blankets to cover the car of his other housemate who was not home at the time.

The hail stones came fast and sudden and in an enormous amount. The ground was covered with the hail stones in a few minutes.

And as I stood there gaping at the hail falling from the sky, I got hit right square in the chest by one, leaving a rather nasty red mark.

The damages from the hail around Sydney were rather high.

Random pics of Sydney hail back in 2004.

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Della said...

You should have kept the one that hit you and put it in the freezer - then you could tell your children and grandchildren about it! Or say, "Well, if you want to know the story about this lump of ice in the freezer, just read my blog. But not those pages... Or those ones..." ;)

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