Sunday, 6 January 2008

When you think Will Smith, you think action.

You think save the world type of movies, along the lines of aliens or malfunctioning robots.

You envision explosions and guns, not the horror, zombies out to eat you type.

So when Daniel and I saw the trailer for I Am Legend, we thought it would be another one of them "armageddon-esque" kind of movie.

We were really looking forward to the day it opened, so that we could go watch it.

There really was no need to read the synopsis of the movie, because well, it's Will Smith. You kind of know what to expect.

But when less than 30 minutes into the movie, the character Will Smith plays looks at his watch and races home before the sun goes down, I started getting slightly suspicious.

Imagine our horror (pun unintended), when the sun does go down, he had to bolt lock his doors and use metal roller thingies to close his windows.

Then the horrible screaming typical of zombie movies started.

And everything just went downhill from there.

We ended up sitting through 1.5 hours of horror. Of people turned into monsters that eat other people that were not turned into monsters.

Should have watched Alvin and the Chipmunks instead.

Should have read the movie synopsis before we decided what we were going to do yesterday evening.

I feel duped by Will Smith.


Maya said...

Mel, it wasn't that scary!

I prefer Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later to I Am Legend. You should watch it. Scarier and more thought provoking.

Oh wait, did I just scare you off?

Melody said...

*runs away*

*lol* It's scary when you weren't expecting it to be a horror movie!!! At least if you knew, you could psyche yourself up to know what to expect!

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