Friday, 5 September 2008


I'm not exactly sure what the word Phonicible means, but to me, it is a very pretty slouchy beanie thing.

My very first hat knitted in the round and one that actually fits me! All because I finally bothered to knit a tension square first to ensure that the sizing is correct.

Love the colours on this hat. I especially loved knitting with the bright yellow yarn, which is 100% pure merino and incredibly soft and smooth. I couldn't stop rubbing it against my face initially, which could worry some.

It looks complicated, but all that is involved is plain old knitting (you don't even have to purl) and the ability to juggle two balls of yarn, which is not difficult at all.

Managed to finish this in super fast time for me, because I had a lot of free time last week at Jumbunna Lodge while trying to be a TV star.

Have a look at the better looking photos from the designer (who is one of my favourites).


Alex said...

If you're curious, "Phoncible" is the name of a character in Jeff Smith's graphic novel/comic series, "Bone", which is a really good one (and this coming from someone who generally doesn't care for comics.) Of course, my boyfriend suggested the name (sometimes I get stuck and just yell out "Hey, what would you name this hat?") before I'd read Bone, and I didn't realize til much later that Phoncible is the least likable character. Oh well.

Melody said...

*lol* Don't you hate it when that happens?

Thanks for the enlightenment! I actually googled Phonicible to try to find out the meaning was but came up with squat.

So yes, my curiosity has been abated :)

And I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one who has problems naming things :)

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