Friday, 3 October 2008

Ding in my stash laptop bag

This has got to be the longest and biggest knitting project that I've ever undertaken since learning how to knit at the start of the year.

It felt like it took forever.

Granted, I ended up getting distracted several times and started and finished other projects while trying to complete this, but it still felt like it took forever. I wonder if I'll ever have the stamina to knit clothing. Now that will be a test of endurance.

Pretty happy with this project. The main reason for the exercise was to get rid of yarn in my stash. I was given a bunch of acrylic unlabelled yarn that I really didn't have much use for, so it was a good excuse.

And I needed a bag to protect my laptop from the elements when I made that 2 minutes hike down the road from home to work.

So all in all, although it's not the most brain-stimulating or clever little project, goals achieved!


Kel said...

just as well your laptop doesn't know that seasonal dress codes insist acrylic yarn is not the best choice when it's 35 degrees outside :)

hope you're coping with the heatwave, though working in airconditioning probably helps

Melody said...

The heatwave is currently beautiful for me. I'm a bit of a lizard, so warm weather is great :)

Airconditioning at work is actually too cold! I'd rather be outside!

Dalki said...

I want to steal ur yarn!!! I am learning Crochet now.. Spotlight here juz so limited!!!

Melody said...

Dalki = Gail?

Heh heh, I actually think I've got crappy yarn, but the grass on the other side...

I can help you buy yarn from over here if you want..

Dalki said...

haha... nnooo... Gazel.. lol!! Quite addictive... but it's shd be equally ex over ther too.. yikes!!!

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